Who we are

We’d like to take a few minutes to share more about ourselves. We (Kyle and Joy) began JoyKateDesigns.com over 5 years ago to design and sell digital embroidery designs. We have recently launched EEganizer, a small but robust family-owned company. The inception of EEganizer was inspired by our loyal customers’ feedback. We had heard story after story of computer crashes that caused total loss of designs. Additionally, many people shared how easy it is to get lost in hundreds (or more) of folders and files of unorganized designs on their computers. With all of that in mind, we took the plunge and began designing EEganizer almost two years ago. 
We quickly realized that there was a steep learning curve for us to produce our vision. We committed to quality and reliability from the start, and we discovered that it wouldn’t be a simple undertaking. Uploading bulk files to EEganizer became our biggest design challenge. Think about how you organize your own design files on your computer. Is it by digitizer? Or by category? Or something else entirely? Are your files stored at random? There are endless possibilities. We believe we created it to be as practical as possible, while also allowing you to customize and edit as your needs require.  There will be an upfront investment of time when you begin to sort your existing designs to upload, but we are confident that you will benefit from the application’s ability to display and organize them. 
The journey has just begun for EEganizer, and we are devoted to improving based on your feedback and needs. We will always put our customers first, and we value your feedback. It is crucial to our goal of providing a quality service. We may be a small company, but we are not intimidated by ambitious goals for improvement. We hope you will give EEganizer a try. We would love to hear your thoughts.
-Kyle & Joy
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