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May Update

The favorite feature is easy to use. Simply click the heart icon on your favorite designs. When you are ready to sort only your favorite designs, click the heart icon next to the search window. All of your favorite designs will be displayed in your library. You can still use [...]


April & May Update

Time flies when you are building a new and exciting product! We missed the April update and have plenty of progress to share covering the past two months. The most exciting update is that EEganizer is now mobile friendly! You can access your digital library on any computer, tablet, or [...]


March Update

March was an exciting month for our development team. They have been working on a few more optimizations and new features. Thank you EEganizer community for the valuable feedback and feature suggestions submitted to our Idea Board. Here are a few of the new features you can expect to see [...]


February Update

Things have not slowed down for the EEganizer development team since our last update in January. We successfully udpated EEganizer with much needed improvements, resulting in faster library searching and thumbnail loading. We also resolved many bugs you would expect to find with a never-before-created software. We can confidently share [...]


January Update

We were very busy in January. We had many new users join EEganizer and provide essential feedback for future features. Next week, EEganizer will receive a significant update that will drastically improve your user experience and increase overall speed. We plan to finish two more optimization updates in the coming [...]


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