How is EEganizer different from other cloud services?

Great question! EEganizer allows you to customize your library with different tags (e.g. digitizer, category, sub-category, product type). Thumbnails are created for each design, and you can access your library of designs from any computer, any time. There are other unique features such as uploading zip files for EEganizer to unzip and adding specific searchable notes for each design.

We are just getting started, so you can expect frequent improvements and new features. Please continue to send us your questions, and we will share with the community!

Uploading a single design, either as an individual file or a folder, is very simple. We walk you through a four step process where you will choose your files and/or folders, custom tags, thumbnail file for conversion, and final review. Once complete, you will see the thumbnail in your library and can filter by all tags to quickly locate in the future.

EEganizer also allows to you bulk upload designs. This is a more complex feature and will require some forethought depending on how your designs are currently stored on your computer. This may sound daunting and may require a small investment of time, but our customers have shared that the return value exceeds the time required. They now have a well organized and searchable library, allowing them to find designs easily and discover forgotten or lost designs. Additionally, your files will never be at risk of a computer crash or loss of data.

Since EEganizer offers many more tags for filtering than your desktop or other cloud services, you will need to consider your strategy for uploading. The diagram above illustrates two main options for uploading multiple designs to EEganizer. It is important to begin with defining the product types for your library. The default product types are Applique, Embroidery, Fonts, Printable and SVG.

If you currently have your designs sorted in folders by category and sub-category, you can upload those directly to EEganizer. If the digitizer is the same for all or you do not wish to assign a digitizer tag, you are finished after uploading. If you do wish to assign a digitizer tag, then you will need to edit the tags of each design.

The second option is to create subfolders within your subcategory folders on your computer per digitizer. Then you can upload each digitzer subcategory folder, assign all tags, and not have to edit each design. The upload process will take time depending on your total amount of designs, but you will have a well organized library that will be safely stored.

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