March Update

March was an exciting month for our development team. They have been working on a few more optimizations and new features. Thank you EEganizer community for the valuable feedback and feature suggestions submitted to our Idea Board. Here are a few of the new features you can expect to see next.

More Storage – We are adding two more plans with significantly more storage. Our middle tier will have 100GB of storage, and the top tier will have 500GB. Additionally, these tiers will include new features such as the thumbnail customizer.

Thumbnail Customizer – Currently, EEganizer creates one thumbnail per design pod. With this new feature, you will be able to upload your own thumbnail images plus add more images per design pod. You will be able to rotate the orientation of images and choose which image is displayed in your library. When you have more than one image to view, you will be able to click through the carousel of images.

Mobile version – If you have tried logging into your EEganizer account on your phone, you quickly recognized that it is not very mobile friendly. Our new mobile version will be a simple, streamlined replication of the desktop version. You will be able to see large design thumbnails and access most of the desktop features.

Share Feature – This is one of the most exciting features we are actively developing. This feature will allow you to create a personalized URL to share your library with friends, family, and customers. The URL will look similar to’personalized name’. This shareable link to your library will not allow others to upload or download files, but they will be able to search and sort through all of your design pods. Another benefit of creating a personalized URL is that you will not need to log in to view your design pod thumbnails.   

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