April & May Update

Time flies when you are building a new and exciting product! We missed the April update and have plenty of progress to share covering the past two months. The most exciting update is that EEganizer is now mobile friendly! You can access your digital library on any computer, tablet, or phone. We’ve also started the development of the share feature. This will allow you to share your digital library of thumbnails with friends, family, or customers with your own custom url link. They can see your designs but not download the files. We want EEganizer to help keep you organized and digitally connected with your community.

As with any new product, we continue to find bugs. As we fix these bugs, we sometimes find better ways of making EEgnaizer faster and more user friendly. For example, your library will now scroll endlessly instead of having to click next page. We’ve improved the bulk export feature to be faster when downloading. We continue to streamline the upload process to generate thumbnails faster and unzip files simultaneously.

You can expect big things ahead for EEganizer. We are actively working on the new share feature, thumbnail customizer, and additional subscription plans with significantly more storage. Be sure to join our email newsletter and check out our Idea Board for new feature suggestions.  

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